Sunday, January 20, 2008


I'm working on a poem when I hear a knock on my door. Answer it. Find two home teacher-y types from the ward. Invite them in.

They asked what I was working on. I tell them I was writing. They ask what. "A poem." One asks if it's an assignment or if it's "just for fun."

Okay, so the poem wasn't assigned (hi, no classes really). But "just for fun"? No. Not at all.


The Big O said...


Just tell them it is your sacred calling, one from which you will never be released.

Ginsberg said...

You should have asked them why they came to visit--an assignment or "just for fun"? Was he expecting an acrostic?

Try "just for sanity" or "just for insanity" or "just to shake my Promethean fist at the sky" or "just to woo (wo)men".


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