Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I didn't fall in a ditch

My friend Lindsy taught GD this Sunday. She mentioned a "grateful" journal she kept on her mission, and that "I'm grateful I didn't fall in a ditch" was a frequent entry.


I didn't fall in a ditch today. I did wait for the bus this morning for close to 40 minutes in crazy wind. I spent my morning prepping for a meeting that was cancelled. I was stranded hosting a going-away party for a man who didn't want a party. But there are things to be grateful for. When the bus came, it was close to empty which means I got to sit on the 10-minute ride to campus. The wind made everyone look a little disheveled today, so no one noticed that I didn't really get ready this morning. Prepping for the meeting led me to the solution to a problem that has been haunting me since July. And there was cake. Chocolate cake.

And I didn't fall in a ditch.


The Weed said...

Hey. I'm glad you didn't fall in a ditch.

Also, I've been reading your blog for years now. I like it. And I finally signed up as a follower like a proper person now that I figured all this blogger business out.

"In the way . . ." said...

I'm also glad you didn't fall in a ditch! We got snow today, again, which means it can't be too far away for you!

Lekili said...

I'm loving this attitude. Give us some more of it.

Meg said...

You make me giggle :) Miss you.


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