Saturday, October 30, 2010

be my thrill

Tonight I had to choose between this

and this

I should clarify. I wasn't going to fight club, I was going to the annual Halloween multi-stake dance as one of the Jane Austen Fight Club girls (or, alternatively, Relief Society Fight Club). And I wasn't going to be a Muppet. I was going to the Weepies concert.

It's probably not really a surprise that the Weepies concert won. I had bought my ticket in August, the venue is a five-minute walk from my apartment, and it was the Weepies.

They were awesome. Better than awesome. Best concert ever. Ever. I had paid for a reserved seat at a table in this tiny venue, so I was thisclose. My friend Dani came with because she's awesome. (Awesome being the appropriate adjective for such a night.) They sound just as good or maybe a little better live. And they're the cutest couple. That's right. I, cranky-pants McGee, just declared someone the cutest couple. Ever. And if you ever call me cranky-pants McGee, I'll hurt you.

There were two things I really loved tonight, other than the music. One was that there was just the right mix of performing songs and talking to the audience. Poets and other writers could learn a lesson from musicians, or at least these musicians. If the audience wanted to hear your poems, they could read them out loud. Of course there's the added benefit of hearing the poem the way the poet hears the poem, but really the audience wants a little more than they can get from just reading the book. They want to feel as if they know the poet, know the poem, a little more from the reading. And by "them," I mean "me." So listen up, poets of the world. Give me what I want.

The second thing I loved tonight was an example of the first thing. The Weepies are Deb Talan and Steve Tannen, and they're married. (This is important for the next part.) Steve shared the story behind the title track of their newest album, "Be My Thrill." They had a fight, and he was mad, and he wrote a song. He took it to Deb, and said, "This is an angry song," and played it for her. She listened, and then said, "That's not an angry song, it's a love song." She took his angry song and made it a love song. "And that's marriage, guys," said Steve.

I love this story. And I'm a little embarrased that I love it. If you're reading this blog, you probably know that I have a little minor obsession with marriage and weddings. (The stack of wedding magazines at the foot of my bed might dispute just how little that obsession is.) I've never felt that I had the right to think about relationships and marriage and love as much as I do--as much as I want those things, I'm not sure that I'm the type of person who has those in their life. But tonight's concert was about love and respect as much as it was about music (and making money from the second round of people crammed into that room). It was beautiful and fascinating and I have a new favorite song.


Lekili said...

Cranky pants McGee...that is one I have never even thought of as applying to you. But, I will keep it in mind.

I am utterly ecstatic that you had such a great time and an awesome night. You definitely deserved it.

And I listened...and I liked the song. A lot.

Aislin said...

Did they talk about the peccary? The reason the hairy little pig is on the album cover is because they had been going to the zoo with their kids a lot and a zoo flyer had that little guy on the front. Deb thought "He must have something to say." She said "Be My Thrill is kind of a demanding song title for a band called The Weepies, but when you put it with the peccary, it just all came together for the album..."
Cutest Couple Ever. Absolutely.
I wish we could have been there together. The only thing missing from our show was you. Justin was the one who said so: "The only way this could be better is if Sarah were here, too."
Cheers, you.

"In the way . . ." said...

I think Relief Society Fight Club could be a good addition to any singles branch. Perhaps mom and I should introduce it to the YSA in Bountiful. Eh?

Th. said...


I love that.


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