Thursday, March 18, 2010

words are hard

and I'm distracted.

and I'm at work. But I've had a hard time focusing since, oh, 8:45 a.m. when I got on the bus to go to work. Work starts at 8:30 a.m. (Don't worry, they're flexible).

The news: Sven will beat me to Dr. Jenkins. Or, my brother is smarter than your brother. Or, Sven got into the U's med program. Placing bets on how long before someone buys him one of those baseball hats that are half-Y, half-U.

I already fulfilled my promise to buy him this when he got into med school. The power of positive thinking.

Prior to this news (which I got in bits and pieces last night from various family members), I was already aiming for the U's PhD program in Lit and Creative Writing. Third time's the charm, right?


Anyway. Before I do that, I have to take the GRE again. Not the GRE Lit (which I killed). The GRE GRE. I've already abandoned all hope where math is concerned. Two grad degrees in English don't really facilitate math skills (said the "accounting specialist"). But the verbal. I did okay last time. This time, well, I want to kill. So now I'm reviewing analogies and antonyms and sentence completions (doesn't scan, but oh my). And super-sizing my already-healthy grasp of the English language.

I have learned one thing:

words are hard.

Forget multiple choice. I'm going to go write me a poem.*

*After I return to my regularly scheduled job. Spreadsheets, here I come!


Lekili said...

Blows me away that someone as brilliant as you are has to take the dang GRE again...they should be begging you to apply to their program sans GRE.

Aislin said...

You might take a glance at A cool guy doing cool education things. And a good review and perspective on standardized testing.

Anna B said...

you will rock the gre.

and you'll totally beat sven--it takes 12 years post high school to become a med doc. and only five post-MA to be come a prof. because it's definitely a race. it's in the bag ;)


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