Saturday, March 06, 2010

things we need to talk about

I have been putting this off.

See, there are stories I can tell you. About losing my keys and finding them in the fridge. About the worst haircut, and how it resulted in the best haircut and a conversation about how all art needs a solid foundation before you trash it (she was talking about hair, I was talking about poetry). About recording poetry for my workshop, and the shock of hearing yourself reading your poetry. About the greater shock of my prof putting the damn thing on repeat.

About the branch president signing up on Facebook and friending everyone and the serious pause I gave, because I refuse to change what I post.

About five really good poems this quarter that I now need to find homes for.

About some of the greatest friends in the world sending me the greatest mail in the world. Real mail. Remember what that looks like?

About the candy bar that will change your life. And not just when you go up a few dress sizes.

About the sheer madness of working with numbers when you don't like numbers but everyone thinks you must like numbers. Also, your boss calling you "Mom."

About the weird shift from first to second person in this post.

About the weird shift from first to second person in my poetry.

About needing answer several emails, which have been put off with this blog post.

About giving up Diet Coke for Lent, until I remembered that I'm not Catholic (and the waitress brought me my weekly Diet Coke before I could tell her no--and then I refused to give it back).

Really I should be writing right now. Not a blog post. But actual real-live letters. Or better yet, real-live poems.

Or maybe I should just take a walk.


Lekili said...

Oh Sarah dear, I love you so... I love reading your brilliant posts. Thank you for being my great friend and for listening to me go on and on...

I find it quite amusing that your boss calls you mom. Isn't she 60?

"In the way . . ." said...

Great post! Make one of those real letters to your G'pa. He's anxious to hear how you are doing . . .

Alexis said...

I agree that boss calling you mom is awesome. Love it.


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