Monday, February 22, 2010

K is for cupcake

I have been getting some requests (read: the parents) to post. Hello, parents.

The secret is, life has been going pretty well. I've had some major breakthroughs the past few weeks, both in my writing and in my. . . emotional well-being? Sure, why not. But the real breakthrough, came from K, the queen of cupcakes. Tonight, I finally tried my hand at heaven (aka, Oreo Cookie Cupcakes).

I'm certain K's looked better, because she is the master. And I wimped out and didn't use the Double Stuff Oreos or make my own frosting. But what I did make wasn't half bad.

Behold the Cupcake.

I ran out of batter. . . but consider it a play-by-play.


Lauren said...

Um, wonderful? They really do look good. Do the cookies stay crunchy? Or do they get all soft? I made the chocolate chip cookie dough/brownies that Lisa posted on her blog this weekend. Seriously the richest and most addictive thing I've ever eaten. Who's going to help you eat the cupcakes? P.S. I love you.

Marzipan said...

Those look amazing. I want some.

Anna B said...

me too! i know--on mondays you could just come over to sc and we could either make cupcakes or go to the cupcakery. or both, if we want. xoxo

Lekili said...

Cool cupcakes but what we really want a post on is your new cool hair.

sven said...


Special K said...

Sorry it takes a while to catch up on blog reading. :) I'm so happy you made them and that you like. They're muy bueno. I might even call them scrumptious. Yeah.

demeter83 said...

They look absolutely amazing, and I am now going to have to try and make something similar, oh the possibilities.
Talking of which, ever done a similar thing, but with a block of chocolate instead of an oreo and then eaten them warm? Absolutely sinful!


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