Thursday, July 16, 2009

I might be getting ahead of myself

but I have a job interview in 30 minutes. When I left the apartment this morning, I didn't have a job interview today. So I left the house in an old Tshirt (not gross old, but clearly not new) and a skirt. And flip-flops.

Here's hoping the interviewer has a good sense of humor.*

*It ruins the shock value, but for the record, I told her I wasn't dressed for an interview and she said that was fine, as it was so last minute. But I'm still wearing flip-flops. At least I shaved my legs last night.


Anna B said...

yay!! where's the job?

The Ung Family said...

Hahaha love it. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Jim/Blog said...

good luck (in the past, since this already happened)


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