Wednesday, March 12, 2008

what I'm thinking about

at least what makes it way to blogger.


Grad apps are killing me. I live for the mail. I keep every letter, even the NOs. And there have been NOs. And you have to write NO in all caps, just so you can feel the pain of NO.

Still thinking about grad apps. And moving. As in: leaving Provo. As in: leaving Utah. As in: am I really going to do this? I hate that my future is in the hands of strangers. Even more, I hate that voice in my head laughing every time I think about moving. In one month, I'll be 25. Wait. That should get its own 'graph.

I'll be 25. Not the biggest of milestones, but a milestone all the same. I know I'm still a baby, but honestly, I thought I would have lived more by 25. Or at least kissed more. Instead I have two degrees and an apartment full of books. Don't get me wrong--I love my books--but there must be other ways to live.

Okay, a few link-thoughts for you:

David Cook and Carly Smithson are the only reason to even think about American Idol this season. And AI is a million times less exciting when you're YouTubing the aftermath.

I'm not sure why I didn't get around to seeing Dan in Real Life in theaters, but it's definitely worth renting. And I heart the soundtrack. Sondre Lerche. Must buy. When I someday have money again.


Anna B said...

we should celebrate our birthdays early in San Francisco.

mlh said...

You're not 25 yet. Let's just get you a Han Solo cardboard cut out and make up for lost time.

p.s. I've stopped checking the mail. I think they've just decided to ignore my application altogether.

Alexis said...

I wish I was going to San Fran with you guys. Have a Cadbury creme egg and liter of Diet Coke for me. And maybe go check out the crazies at the Vietnam sections. :)

ke said...

We should talk about 25 sometime. I blogged about it, but will reiterate here: it's probably best not to go in with too high expectations, but it's fantastic. My favorite birthday in a long time. See me for details. :)


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