Friday, March 14, 2008

the painted angel

Yes, I am awake. Yes, I am writing. Writing other than this blog. Attempting to write an intelligent conclusion to my thesis. Which I am still not bored with--I consider this both a good sign and the result of my August breakdown.

In other news, I seem to be unable to write a good poem. Even a decent poem. A poem I'd feel okay submitting to workshop. You'd think--or rather, I thought--that finishing the thesis would leave my mind free and easy to write poetry, but it's not happening yet. Maybe next week. A change of scenery, etc. Or maybe it will take awhile. A brilliant poet once told me that writer's block isn't writer's block--it's part of the writing process, as the brain gathers material. My brain has been gathering, even on the off days. I hope the off days end soon.


indialect said...

In Wordplay, the recent documentary about the New York Times crossword puzzle, a member of the Indigo Girls said she always does crosswords when she's struggling with writer's block. Putting pieces together, making them fit--it helps her to remember that there is nothing wrong with her, that if she just keeps working on it she'll see something and things will fall into place.

indialect said...

By the way, cheers on your thesis. I have great faith in all parts and parcels of you.

mlh said...

You're going to rock. Everything will work out--everything always does. It'll come--what's your hurry anyway?


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