Sunday, December 02, 2007


Every time this time of the month rolls around, I recite the few lines I remember from a 319 poem: "It's a relief / when the blood comes." I didn't particularly like the rest of the poem--are you supposed to like 319 workshops?--but I can't shake those lines. And the thought that maybe this should be a relief. But right now my legs are cramping up and I know any craving I satisfy will result in stomachaches for what will seem like forever. I'm sure there are worse things. I'm sure I'll experience worse things. But right now, there's no relief.


Mr. Fob said...

I think the relief part only applies if you're worried you might be pregnant.

Special K said...

well, as long as we're on the TMI train, I'll cast my vote for being relieved that you're not crazy, losing you're mind, short-tempered and idiotic, you were just pms-ish. Sigh.


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