Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Christmas

I know I'm American and that an American who says "Happy Christmas" is pretenious. But if you're reading this blog, you know that at times I can be pretenious. Just a little.

I've been considering a long list of possible Christmas-y posts. Something about how I've given up my Grinch-like ways or how my mom keeps trying to create new Christmas "traditions" or how the baby has taken over Christmas. And then the Christmas Eve present happened and it wasn't pajama pants--it was "Jenkins University" t-shirts. Not sure what message they're trying to send with those. . . but I did promise that I'd walk if they wore them to graduation. I'm just not sure which definition of "walk" I should say I meant.

Speaking of definitions, I took a test yesterday. A test. I haven't taken a test in at least a year. But this was for a job (have I mentioned that I'm currently jobless?) that I'd really love. And I got stuck on the first question: List five of your favorite books and explain why. I had to come back to it.

So what Santa needed to bring me was a job. A job, an acceptance to a PhD program, and, to quote my grandfather, "a fat little friend" (i.e., gentlemen caller). Maybe a car. And a finished thesis.

I did get a chair.


Th. said...


Happy Christmas to you too.

Confuzzled said...

It's not THAT pretentious. I've always thought it had a nicer ring to it than Merry Christmas, I'm just too culture-indoctrinated or something to say Happy Christmas instead of the more traditional 'Merry.'

eleka nahmen said...

Wait, but you're treating pretense as if it's a BAD thing.. I'm not understanding..

ke said...

So the five books? Please? And I miss you and you should come home. And what are you doing for New Year's?

mlh said...

here here on the five books.
and you're only as pretentious as the intentions you keep.


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