Sunday, November 11, 2007

What I'm in love with right now

courtesy of one fabulous, concert-heavy weekend.

Ben Lee, including, but not limited to, beginning his set with "Begin," ending with "Catch My Disease (That's the Way I Like It)," and "Bruised" (with Ben Folds and Ben Kweller). He's the complete opposite of Regina Spektor in terms of aesthetics, but the same intensity in loving their music. I've been playing Awake is the New Sleep since TB suggested it to me. Heart.

Cary Brothers played just before Ben Lee (the Kahn Brothers opened). How can I not love someone who covered the Thompson Twins' "If You Were Here"?

And finally. The Skinny Mice. There are so few words, so I took as many pictures as possible. I just plan on going groupie and showing up for every show.

Okay, I love these three. And there are a few other items on my "love" list right now. But for tonight, three is enough. Now go forth and listen.


Optimistic. said...

Oh man, I'd forgotten that Ben Lee was coming here. Lucky.

Also, it was good to see you again today. It had been a while.

eleka nahmen said...

I love Ben Lee, "Begin" especially. So many memories.. that's one I can't listen to without coming close to tears.

Th. said...


Are Skinny Mice local? Tell me more!

David Grover said...

I just heard that Ben Lee Disease song the other day some place and I thought, "Here's something you ought to hear more of." Glad one of us is taking my advice.


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