Friday, November 16, 2007

of kissing

Inspired by Amanda's brilliant visit to my 218 class today, I'm thinking blog titles are going to go Montaigne. At least for a little while.

Here we go.

I posted last time-ish (a related blogthing has appeared since) about a poem I've been working on that I knew involved kissing to some extent. Problem is I haven't kissed anyone since 2002. So what does one do?

Option A: Slap on the red lipstick and hit campus. . . must first buy red lipstick.

Option 2: Keep an eye out for kissing couples. . . not hard, but ew.

Option something: Pull out the chick flicks. And watch the kissing scenes. In my pajamas. With popcorn, Diet Coke, and whatever else I can eat. Now we're talking. Bathroom scene in The Goodbye Girl. The rehearsal kiss in Some Kind of Wonderful. Bathroom scene (again) in 10 Things I Hate About You. Funeral kiss in {Proof}. Rebound boat kiss in Sliding Doors. And the classic geek kiss in Mona Lisa Smile.

My choices are a little unconventional, I know, but it was what was onhand. And you can't beat Goodbye Girl. Elliot Garfield is adorable. And Some Kind of Wonderful? Pretty in Pink done right, complete with the best girl friend offering to kiss the boy before his big date--with another girl.

And (drumroll) the result? The formatting is crazy, so I can't get it to look right, but if you want to see it, email me. And some of you are going to have to read it whether you want to or not.


Mr. Fob said...

I want to see it. Why isn't it in the Fobfiles?

mlh said...

Funfact: I have never been kissed. Okay, once on stage, by Sexy Glasses Sexy Hair, but never me kissed, not for real. So I'm even more pathetic than Drew Berrymore's character in Never Been Kissed. There you have it.

Wait, hold on, that's not true. I was once kissed on the cheek by Southern Mexican Manual Torres, but that was probably cultural. I'm pretty certain that was cultural.

Th. said...


I want to see it too--does this count as emailing you?

Amanda said...

I remember being really surprised by how good the kiss in Somewhere in Time is. You may want to look into that one, whether for the poem or not. Also, a classic is the guy pulls girl in without asking and lays one on her, girl pulls away and gives him a hearty slap across the face while her firey red hair gets blown about by a strong wind kiss in The Quiet Man. Such a good movie.

Anna B said...

i want to see it too! and apparently you should be buying pink, rather than red, lipstick. and i really think the kiss at the end of north and south is noteworthy.


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