Monday, April 11, 2005

People needing other people. . . damn them

So I haven't been writing. Not like AA hasn't been writing, but still. And I ask myself why is this? And I say to myself, Self, get your butt in gear. But my butt is stuck to a chair in front of a computer. Writing is no longer fun; it is an obligation to my GPA. Graduation means nothing. I finish this semester, go to London, come back to Utah, find a job for summer, begin school in the fall. Nothing changes. I thought something monumental was supposed to happen at some point in time. Nothing. And the damn glass is leaking.


FXP said...

Is the glass thing some inside joke that I'm not privy to, or is it an attention span thing. Speaking of attention span, Edda just told me about a t-shirt her family gave her brother (who has A.D.D.). "Most people don't understand my A.D.D., it's not that I have a hard time focusing, it's just--Oh, look, a chicken!"


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