Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Take that, BYU. I have taken my final final as an undergraduate. Granted, it was for HEPE online, but at least it's over. Now on to bigger and better things. But before I go, I think we all need a little party to celebrate. Any takers? (And then we can find a magic pair of jeans that fits each of us perfectly (good thing it's cool for guys to wear girl pants now) and then we can mail them to each other wherever. . . oh wait. Somebody already did that.)


KapkaVictim said...

We'll find something similar no doubt. Happy one year anniversy April, by the way. I found some of the photocopies we made for one of the first meetings. Aw.

You know Billy Collins has the sequel to 180 out? The WSJ review was tre bien. I think of that because I had photocopied his "Introduction" for one of the first meetings.

KapkaVictim said...

You got into the Poetry Program?! You punk, why didn't you tell me? (Have you noticed how this little hampster has been getting more bitter and emotional? Finals were trying.) We definately need to have a magic pants party. The movie's coming out. I hope we can also have a slide show. With Vitamin C's song in the background.

hate me please said...

i already bought the next 180 on a whim, but haven't read anything in it yet. of course it'll be down in st. george with me, but if you want to borrow it sometime i'm passing through instead of buying it yourself, i'll be through.

KapkaVictim said...

Is it hard-cover? I hate hard cover.

Aw, I should probably just buy it, but I would like to browse through it if you don't mind. I'll need to get my own copy to write notes in.

I always write notes, but it's usually in pencil.

hate me please said...

i'll try to remember to grab it when i go up this saturday. i'll feel so much more academic when kapka actually comes to me to borrow a book.


oh, speaking of being academic, check my new post that i will go put up right now.

also, note my random alternation of spelling on kapka/kafka

Special K said...

Hi. I miss you. I can't sleep for lonesomeness.

#2. Londoner things to do in my honor. Or just for fun:

1. Eat at Wagamama's. If you like spicy, ask for the green curry...
2. Shop at Selfridges (it's by the embassy...sort of)
3. Check out the little church that's in the middle of the street on the Strand. I'm pretty sure it's how the Strand got its name.
4. If you develop any film whilst Londoning, have it done at Snappy Snaps. Doesn't matter which one. I went to all of them and all of the people there are nice and fun to talk to.
5. Go to Regent's park and sit in the middle of the Rose Garden. It's quiet and a good place to write.
6. Eat Gelatto. Just do it.
7. You should see at least one busker playing the Orange Cone in the tube. You should spot that guy at least a pound. I mean, who plays the orange cone?? It's a lost art.
8. Go to a movie at the Prince Charles theatre. They're discounted (like the dollar theater, only like the 8 dollar theater instead of the 20 dollar theater.) Anyway, this one is cool, because it's a real theater etc.
9. If you have tea at the Orangery at Kensington Palace, don't cheap out -- go for the full priced royal afternoon in the park tea. It's way better.
10. The National Portrait Gallery.
11. Take a day trip down to Brighton and go on a rollercoaster ride on the Pier.
12. Go on the F-ing London Eye. I don't care who makes fun of you. Then if you want to, buy yourself a commemorative ruler that says, "Eye Rule."
13. Rent a Peddle boat at Hyde park for an hour.
14. Go to the Saatchi Gallery. Check out the room full of motor oil.
15. Go bowling at County Hall (by the Saatchi gallery. It's in the casino-like games place by the McDonalds.)

So there's the slightly less than definitive list of things to do if you get bored, etc.

I like you and your cute self.

KapkaVictim said...

16. Tea with the Queen.

But really, bring me something from London, even if it's a napkin. I think that's awful cool. My brother's been accepted to Glasgow University and he's thinking about going, in which case I will be visiting him (and we will go toilet-paper Terry Eagleton's Irish house--you should read the letter he wrote to my brother about the "red-neck Mormons"). I'll get you something scottish. And I'll give you some cool Russian crap. And hey, do you still have my Eagleton's book about Ireland?


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