Monday, June 13, 2011

a story in which I will use an inappropriate word two times

now that that's out of my system: Anna, this story is for you.

I read Jane Eyre at least once a year. At least. And every time I brace myself when Rochester shows up, because I know that I'm about to fall hard for the bad-tempered, ill-favored perfect perfect man. (I do the same thing when Benedick opens his mouth in Much Ado. Which reminds me--how did no one tell me that this song was Much Ado in the most perfect way possible?)

So Jane Eyre. It was the last text of my "Large Romanticism" class. I read it, in the midst of writing my 15 page paper in less than 12 hours.

We sat in class, and we discussed Jane. We discussed Brocklehurst. We discussed Helen Burns. And then, finally, Rochester. And I'm silently swooning as the class begins the discussion--about how hard it is to like Rochester. Wait. What? And my face. . .

I'm not sure what my face was doing, but it prompted my professor to direct his attention on me as he said, "Rochester is a badass." Still not sure what my face was doing, but the professor asked, "Don't you agree?"

"Definitely," I said. And I was prepared to defend myself. But a few women in the class jumped in to discuss how Rochester isn't bad--he takes in Adele, he tries to save Bertha, etc, etc, etc--until I stop them.

I stop them. "Rochester isn't bad. He's a badass."


And then a few heads nod. My professor looks at me, shakes his head. And then says, "That's all I was trying to say."

See you next year, Rochester.


Renaissance Girl said...

I, too, always fall for fictional men. Especially the badasses. The badder the ass the more swoony, frankly. Come to think of it, this principle has governed most of my real-life romantic choices too.

Anna B said...

hahahaha!! he IS! i try to explain this and people don't understand. and i fall every time. have you seen the newest film?

TM3 said...

Seems that man is not the only giddy thing. ;)

Kristen said...

Rochester IS a badass. Which brings me back to my original point: HOW have you NOT SEEN MICHAEL FASSBENDER as ROCHESTER? HOW!?! It is not to be born it is NOT.
(channeling my inner dame judy dench/lady catherine. deep breaths.)

he's SO great as Rochester.


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