Friday, April 08, 2011

confession and announcement

My birthday isn't until next week. My family is just awesome and impatient. But thank you for all the (early) wishes. I needed them.

And why I needed them: I didn't get in. Anywhere. I've been processing this for a few weeks now, and I should have told you (collective and individual) sooner, but I thought I'd have good news to offset the bad. And then I found out that I didn't get that job either.

So. I'm not sure what comes next. I'm open to suggestions. There's part of me that is relieved, that is thinking after a decade of college it's time for a break. And then there's the part of me telling that part to shut the hell up. And then the third part--maybe the best part--is angry and annoyed and is throwing as many poems at as many journals as I can to prove those PhD admission people very very wrong.

I'm telling you this today because I am on vacation. And I'm with my best friend, which means I can handle telling the rest of the world that somehow I'm back to not knowing what I'm doing after June 17. I know I have options, I'm just not sure what to do with those options. I'm not sure what I want to do with those options. But feel free to stayed tuned.


Lekili said...

I'm hoping this gives you the chance to show the academic world what an incredibly brilliant teacher you are sans le Phd. And of course--Love it. Because you were born to teach.

Lekili said...

By the way--give Anna a big hug for me. Its been way too long.

Th. said...


If it helps at all, I too am ending the season utterly rejected.

Anna B said...

those phd programs are VERY WRONG. and i hate them. and they're stupid.

maybe the south is calling to you!

and i totally agree with your mom! (hugs to you!) you are brilliant and born to teach.

Club Narwhal said...

BOO!!!!! my back up plans are always the following: 1) become an apprentice at a glass blower's studio 2) become a puppeteer or 3) go back through the BA gauntlet to get a nursing degree. you know, because it will be just like grey's anatomy :) there's always culinary school, too.

but for reals, that is totally lame. i'm excited when your future gorgeous book of poems wins all the major awards and you can spit in the phd programs' faces.


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