Tuesday, March 08, 2011

sometimes you have to make your own celebration

At the point in the waiting process, it feels like my mailbox is mocking me. I'm pretty sure it is. I know Utah sent out acceptances last week. Nothing. No thing. Nada.

Well, nothing from Utah. I did get something from my work benefits plan, my electricity bill, and some exciting mailers from a local dentist. Why he felt the need to send me three, I'll never know.

Ohio and Denver should start making offers this week or next, but those chances are slim.

I'm turning into a crazy person. And I don't like it. This isn't cool crazy. This is crazy crazy. Staring down the cell phone crazy. Checking the same three sites for acceptance updates over and over again. It was on the hour. Now it's every 15 minutes when I'm at work. I'm not sure what I'm going to do at work when this is all over.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do when this is all over. And I'm not sure what I'll be doing after June 17 (graduation). But I do know what I'm going to be doing in one month:

(do you want to guess?)

I'm going to make my way down to South Carolina to see Anna and Brooke and celebrate. Celebrate me getting old, Anna getting older, and anything else I feel like celebrating.

I think a paper chain is in order.


Jim/Blog said...

Sarah, I feel your [the ineffable emotion that results from waiting for grad school responses]. (Unfortunately for me that emotion eventually turned into disappointment about not getting in, but then happiness when I got a cool job a year later.)

Anyway, I hope you get in because you are awesome. And if you don't, screw those schools; in a parallel universe where they accepted you they probably become much more important and prestigious because of all the work you did. They'll never know what they're missing.

Marie said...

Brilliant idea, that paper chain countdown. Exciting moments that are coming have to be counted down to in the midst of waiting for the torture to be over (for me-my roommate moving out).

Lekili said...

Whenever you are celebrating...I want to be in on it!

mlh said...

This is a crappy, crappy process, but remember this: your capacity to succeed has nothing to do with their particular budgets and application form design this year.

Believe one thing that comes in the mail: You may already be a winner.


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