Tuesday, August 03, 2010

there are more important things than this post

Is everyone else tired of my whining? Because I really don't mean to whine. I don't. Really.

Last night was kind of awesome. A group of poetry-peoples from my MFA program meet up every couple of weeks to workshop, and last night one of our profs (Simone Muench) and Hadara Bar-Nadav came with. (This is not the whining part.) It was awesome. It's always awesome, but hanging out with Hadara and Simone was awesome times four. Maybe five. I'm not very good with the math.

I made it home kind of late, and was giddy to boot, so I let myself sleep in a little this morning. I had mentioned I might come in late to my boss, who was cool with it. I got into work around 10:00, and by 10:20 (here comes the whining part) found out that my boss is leaving our office to work elsewhere in NU.

I do not handle change well at all. This particular change is going to be dreadful and painful and explained a whole lot of high emotions running around the office lately. My boss will no longer be my boss as of next Friday. Which is sad. On the other hand, by Saturday we'll probably be Facebook friends.

In addition to change, I don't handle bad news very well. I clam up and get serious. "Stoic," according to my boss later in the day when I finally broke down the wall a little to ask if we at least get cake some time next week.

The only truly good part about all of this is that I no longer feel guilty for applying to PhD programs this fall. I realized that a lot of my loyalty was to my boss, and not as much to the office. That, and I'm not sure I'll be as happy working for someone else. We got along really well--she understood where I was coming from, and we spoke the same language in terms of work. Not so much with the rest of the office.

We've now reached the part of the post where I've rambled myself out. I should have just written about Simone and Hadara and workshopping. Because that was happy.


Lekili said...

Can't wait to talk to you about the poetry work shopping. And I am sincerely sorry about Alexa. Maybe her leaving first will make it so that you don't have any regrets when you leave next summer to come back to the U for your Ph.D. program.

Th. said...


Email me again and tell me where you're applying.

CTS said...

Whining is crucial to our well-being as humans. Embrace it. And share it.

Anna B said...

yay for the phd!! and yay for poetry workshops! and sad about your boss. still, i must thank her for contributing to the final fulfillment of Master Plan.

mlh said...

With Facebook, there is no goodbye.

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