Monday, April 19, 2010


Remember how I said I was going to quit posting late at night?

Today I taught a lesson for RS. It was okay. The brilliant opening I had ready was less brilliant once I heard the words coming out of my mouth. But at least it was entertaining. And I think I tied it in eventually.

The opening used the idea that names mean something. I'm always a little shocked that people don't know what their names mean--your name is a word. It means something more than "Hey you." It has a definition, an etymology.

Editorgirl, if you're wondering, means a girl who edits.

I should have said "surprised" instead of "shocked." I'm shocked when someone's bleeding. I'm surprised when someone doesn't know what their name means. Especially the Biblical names. The second counselor asked me after the lesson if his name was in my book. His name is Joseph.

This whole idea of naming/names, definition of, has been showing up in my poetry lately. A lot. Almost as much as the wings of 2005 (to 2009). But I like it. Other poetry recurrences: I keep using the title "Elegy." I'm still thinking of using my chapbook title as my thesis title (Inadvertent Elegies), so maybe this all makes sense.


I'm looking forward to the day when I can tell Abby that her middle name came from a TV show and not the Bible.

Also, I'm naming my first daughter after my grandmothers. Consider this dibs, Sven and Lauren. And Maryn, if you care yet.


Amanda Mae said...

I determined years ago among my friends who owned accordions (quite a few of us) that the best way to name your accordion is by stealing your grandmother's name. An accordion named Phyllis or Claudia is way cool!!

Marzipan said...

Zina Marba or Marba Zina?

Lekili said...

I love the idea for you to name your first daughter after your grandmothers...that's where your name came from: Sarah Warren Downs and Eliza Ann Winterton. I guess that's a great and a great-great grandmother for you. Way cool to have ancestral or scriptural significance in a name.


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