Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas music (not sung by Muppets)

I'm starting to get into Christmas mode. Kind of. Not really. But I like to pretend. Call me the Grinch who loved Christmas.

Okay then.

What I do love is crazy awesome Christmas music. The problem is, I've been bored with my usuals this Christmas. Even with my beloved Muppets (and Sufjan and Ingrid Michaelson and. . . just to prove that I do have taste beyond an eight year old).

So when 21st and Ivy started posting their Yuletide Downloads yesterday, I was more than happy to accept their suggestions of brilliant local musicians (local if you're in Utah, not local for me--stupid Chicago). Coming up are my talented-at-too-many-things friends Laura and Jim and their band Electron Deception, but the current offerings are pretty happy too.

Maybe happy is the wrong word.

Maryn, sister dear, these are for you. Happy belated birthday.


Jim/Blog said...

whoa sweet! Thanks for the shout out sarah! also, aren't the first two songs amazing! Prepare yourself though, ours is not as cool :/

or as Christmasy :

On the other hand, I did get a blister playing guitar for it, so hopefully that counts for something. anyway, it is supposed to be posted tomorrow.

Theodore Niedertrebel said...

Life is grand when you can listen to awesome Christmas music! Mannheim Steamroller and Josh Groban are my personal favorites.


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