Friday, August 21, 2009


I found an apt. (It's a studio, so it doesn't get to be an "apartment.")

I have a bed.

Seth went into the MTC. In 2.5 weeks, he'll be in New Zealand.

Abby had her second birthday.

I celebrated the second anniversary of my Failure.

The apt. will have internet (once I get it set up), so I should return to blogging in a week or two.

I dream in spreadsheets.


Lekili said...

Hey! The apartment announcement deserves a little excitement does it not? I hope it will be a grand adventure for you. I'm excited to see the place. Dad booked tickets for us today--September 24th!

brooke said...

sarah, i only have one thing to say after reading your blog: i miss you.

Anna B said...

An apt!! that's the bomb! so exciting!

ZeroSmythson said...

Funny--I shoot guns at times like this, too.


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