Monday, May 25, 2009


Lately my life has been feeling like the biggest To Do List I've ever faced.

To Do: Find a full-time job (with benefits, etc.). Find a ride to church (failed that this week). Reading for poetry workshop. Writing for poetry workshop. Reading for Prose for Poets. Writing for Prose for Poets. Laundry. Grocery shopping. Emails. Waking up. Cleaning the bathroom. Taking out the trash. Designing a chapbook. Editing poetry for chapbook.

There's no decent organization there, but that's how my life feels. I start on one To Do, and then get distracted by another. And more than once in a while, I give up and watch Leno (actually, it's usually Jimmy Fallon) and dig myself deeper into the List.

The List is stressing me out.

I can start explaining where I'm at for each item on the list, but what's the point. My writing is good, the revisions are hell (and that's what they're supposed to be), and my genius friend just painted the cover of my chapbook for me. I'm excited for the chapbook. I just need the poetry to come together. . . I'm not as confident as I was fall/winter. Now I'm just burned out.

Blame the List.


Th. said...



Keep me posted!

Ginsberg said...

What the crap is a chapbook?

Glad "[your] writing is good."


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