Monday, November 24, 2008


I am listening to David Cook by David Cook, the most recent American Idol. This is the first Idol CD I’ve purchased. Not sure how I feel about it—actually, I know just how I feel about it. I’m celebrating the fact that I called the entire competition when Cook sang “Hello” in the semifinal rounds. I admit to falling for little David Archuleta over the course of the competition (why the hell isn’t his name setting off my spell check?), but that one took time, and I still thought it was Cook’s competition. In celebration of that, and me (finally done licking my wounds when Ruben beat Clay—yes, I voted for Clay Aiken—in my defense, I was young and the boy can sing), here are my top three Cook performances, courtesy of sneaky YouTube peoples.


Always Be My Baby

Billie Jean

And his new single, “Light On,” which I actually like (or maybe I'm just glad that they’ve stopped making him sing “The Time of My Life”):

Light On

And, just because this is my blog and I can do what I like, David Archuleta singing “Apologize” with One Republic, which was brilliant. Charming little devil.



Anonymous said...

"in my defense, I was young and the boy can sing"

And why do you need defense for that? Are you one of those sheeple who need someone's permission to like a singer?


editorgirl said...

It's more that my 25-year-old self isn't a fan the way my whatever-year-old self was.


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