Thursday, April 03, 2008

guilty pleasures

I'm not a good cook, but I love watching reality cooking shows, namely Hell's Kitchen and Top Chef. I especially like watching while I'm eating something particularly cheap and tacky (from these chefs' points of view). At the same time, I like considering the challenges, even if I could never pull of anything.

But last night's Top Chef was totally up my alley: choose your favorite movie and make a course inspired by that film. Apparently chefs don't watch movies. I kind of want to kick them and send over my own list. My top five?

5. Better Off Dead: Use the "French" dinner scene, where Ricky's mom gets blown up. Only real French food. No "Franch" bread, fries, or dressing.

4. Hairspray: Queen Latifah and co. sing and dance with Southern dishes.

3. Ocean's Eleven: Every time you see Brad Pitt in the film, he's eating stuff you'd buy from a street vendor. Upscale that and go.

2. The most recent As You Like It: Take a classic English dish and spin it Asian.

1. Chocolat: Hello.

My favorites from the episode were Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (pure imagination), Il Postino (rustic Italian), and A Christmas Story. The last one, neither really knew anything about the film, including the title. But they knew there was a scene where the family had duck for Christmas, and they ran with it.


Mr. Fob said...

Waitress would be a good one too, with lots of pie.

Anna B said...

brownies. salsa. calypso rice. need i say more? you're a GREAT cook!

mlh said...

I'm impressed with all of you foodie-types. I think I seriously offended Kim with my peanut-butter and marshmallow sandwich the other day. Especially when I added a Girl Scout cookie to the mix...

That being said, I did win Iron Chef Ramon Noodles against Jen and Paul.

What about that old movie Charade? How can a girl that little CONSTANTLY be eating?


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