Monday, May 30, 2005

april withdrawals

Despite the fact that I'm looking at a dancing Hayley Smith and listening to ABBA, sitting in a flat in London, I'm going through april withdrawals. On a positive note (I can hit those every once in a while), London is beautiful. I woke up this morning to pouring rain, which against my slanted window made the skyline look like a blurry-eyed impressionist painting. And I'm teaching, although not my genre. I will have many things to say about the personal essay. There are some impressive writers in the bunch. . . and they are all under the misconception that I know what I'm talking about. Ha. Ha ha ha. (I think I already used that on my blog, but it's so fun.)

A few notes about my life: On Saturday I woke up at 5.30a to sit outside a London theatre for four hours for front row seats to see Ewan McGregor in Guys and Dolls. I would just like to say that HMP is a better booty-shaker. That evening I saw Jim Broadbent in Theatre of Blood, a play all of us would thoroughly enjoy. It's about a Shakespearean actor who was shafted by a group of critics, so he invites them to an old theatre and starts to kill them off, a la Shakespeare's devices. Awesome stuff.

On a completely different theme, church here has been brilliant. I've been going to a small ward that meets in a school building that they rent for four hours every Sunday. This Sunday I spoke in sacrament meeting, taught youth Sunday School, and then taught Young Women. All while looking like a drug addict--something happened to my eyes that made them turn bright red. Think on that if you will.

I will now leave you to discuss the proper pronunciation of "macabre."


KapkaVictim said...

Exactly as it's spelled.

I hear that in the London wards tunes are rarely well carried. Is this true?

KapkaVictim said...

They may be impressive writers, but you're in an impressionist right. (Actually that pun doesn't work very well, does it, what with the Labor party in control?)

KapkaVictim said...

I guess london is to the right of the U.S. if you were to look at a map.

Special K said...

thanks for the email today. part of me is almost jealous...I'm having a hard time remembering.

KapkaVictim said...

I hope you know I check your blog almost everyday and come away sad you didn't post.


Anonymous said...

sarah, i would like to say im sad youre not blogging, and i would like to guilt trip you...but i realize the macabre irony of the situation and so will say nothing. oh, this is aaron by the way.


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