Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Just Duckie

Hi all. Who "all" is, I'm not sure, but it makes me feel more directed.

The debate has returned to the JKHB--or at least one side of it--in the form of eye-searing yellow posters. Just in case you missed them.

One of my favorite reactions to the debate have been the duck pictures. You know, the duck near Hickman's old office, with papers listing off different forms of criticism: feminist, Marxist, postmodern, etc. This go around there was a note under the duck saying "Poetry as Criticism," then papers with sonnet, limerick, and haiku available along with the standard options. There were a few haiku, a note on the limerick, and nothing on sonnet. And because I had nothing better to do during class, I decided to contribute to the conversation. You can check it out in the JKHB (if it stays up--I used tape) or here it is, free for the mocking.

Duck Sonnet 1

Here, this yellow means of explanation--
my feathered love for you sits a waiting
duck, overlooking these halls debating
which theory to give our dedication.
Yet is this duck true magnification
of my affection? In its elating
"quack," is it real or is it the grating
squeak of rubber duckie? Hesitation,
my love, will demand we pause our passion
and here in structured form lay out our vows
yet with only one hundred and forty
syllables at hand, I can but fashion
a construct of love and this will not wow
or woo, but seem only rubber duckie.


hate me please said...

[clap clap clap]

well done. i'm planning out how to push forward on our front ["our" is my attempt to cover up "my"].

i had some ideas i've forgotten, but maybe we should not do the bright yellow posters, but something else that would be equally demanding, but signature. on thinking it over i would hate to be seen as trying to tack ourselves on the coattails of somebody else, or just trying to pick a fight with them either.

i think we need to push the open forum for ideas thing, that is, afterall, what we are going for is it not?

KapkaVictim said...

I saw it. I read quickly in passing. I wrote the limrick note.

This is what the CR Club did with the posters:

-the size of the paper is non-standard. There's only so much you can do with 8 1/2*11

-the color is non-standard. perhaps you've noticed how other people try to imitate. either they're too green or too yellow.

-bold, bold, bold. They used charged anti-PM statements that invited retaliation.

But this is the last time the CR is putting up posters. tomorrow's the last meeting. They have posters for advertising meetings.

Yeah, everyone's been imitating CR club. It isn't eye-catching anymore. Let's go with red paper. Or something.


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